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Integrated Financial and Accounting System ( PAS ) Modules
Special Features of Account Payable :
1. Recurring Vouchers save you time by not having to reenter data over each time a transaction occurs.
2. PAS allows you to set up a separate tax for each item for those instances when that is necessary.
3. Tax and/or Freight can be included in the price to allow easier calculations.
4. PAS allows A/P Write-offs for cases where that is necessary.
5. Choose from several payment methods including cash, check, credit, and others.
6. Save time not entering duplicate information by Auto-Copying from your purchase orders.
7. Debit Memos for purchase returns automatically update the voucher, income statement and balance sheet.
8. View purchase history, purchase details, and balance history for each vendor at the click of a mouse.
9. Search the posted vouchers, payments, debit memos, and stop payments using criteria you specify.
10. Different Entry and Apply Dates allow more flexible and accurate accounting records.
11 Speed up data processing by operating in Batch Mode or run up to the minute in Real time mode
-- Use quick check entries to accurately reflect the books even in Batch Mode.

Create a full range of customizable reports including:

1. Posted and Un posted Journals
2. Vendor Activities
3. Expenditure Forecasting
4. Purchase Analysis
5. Payments Due
6. Payable Aging
7. Graphical Reports
Transaction Screens of Account Payable:
1. Voucher Entry
2. Cash Payment / Write Off
3. Cash Disbursement
4. Quick Check
5. Debit Memo
6. Stop Payment
Maintenance Screens of Account Payable:
1. Vendor
2. Vendor Class
3. Posting Accounts
4. Purchase Tax
5. Payable Terms
PAS provide you with powerful and flexible Accounting Solutions that meet the demands of your ever growing business.
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