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Integrated Financial and Accounting System ( PAS ) Modules
Special Features of Inventory
1. PAS offers a complete system for physical inventory management.
2. Full range of Warehouse Transactions including sales, purchases, transfers, and adjustments.
3. Summary Items let you compare sales and purchases according to criteria you specify.
4. PAS lets you track inventory according to both Serial and Lot Numbers.
5. Save valuable data entry time by setting up and selling Kit Items.
6. View online customer purchase history and vendor sales history with the click of a mouse.
7. Different Entry and Apply dates allow more flexible and accurate accounting records.
8. Speed up data processing by running in Batch Mode or run up to the minute in Real time Mode.
 -- Use Quick Transfer entries to accurately reflect the books even in Batch Mode.
9. Perform Inventory Costing according to FIFO, LIFO, or the Average Cost Method.
10. Allow inventory overselling, or restrict it with or without a warning.
11 Enter more accurate descriptions using up to 32 characters in the item code.
12. Set PAS to offer different Item / Quantity level price breaks.
13. Bin Management allows you to know the exact location of your product in each warehouse location.
14. Consignment Item Management lets the cost of items be collected as the items are sold.
-- This is available both to pay vendors and to collect from customers.
15. Warehouse Management lets you automate your entire assembly line including Quality Control.
16. Ensure you always have adequate supplies on hand by accurately tracking inventory levels.
1. Quantity on Hand
2. Quantity on Order
3. Quantity Committed to Order
4. Quantity Committed to Invoices
5. Quantity committed to Transfer
6. Quantity Available
17 Create a full range of customizable reports including:
1. Posted and Unposted Journals
2. Item / Serial / Lot Activity
3. Sales Analysis
4. Physical Inventory
5. Re-order Item Listing
6. Cost Layer Listing
7. Graphical Reports
Transaction Screens of Inventory
1. Sales / Return Entry
2. Purchases / Return Entry
3. Transfer Entry
4. Adjustment Entry
5. Spoilage Entry
Maintenance Screens of Inventory
1. Inventory Items
2. Item Class
3. Posting Accounts
4. Warehouse Locations
5. Unit of Measurement
6. Price Markup
7. Summary Item Type
PAS provide you with powerful and flexible Accounting Solutions that meet the demands of your ever growing business.
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