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- PineappleTech Accounting System 2010
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- PineappleTech Delivery System
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Integrated Financial and Accounting System ( PAS ) Modules
Special Features of Job Cost:
1. Unlimited project/job management.
2. Unlimited user-definable project/job types.
3. Unlimited user-definable project/job statuses.
4. Complete transaction tracking.
5. Profit/Loss tracking and reports.
6. Profitability reports.
7. Progress reports.
8. Project/Job hierarchy management.
9. Estimated vs. Contracted.
10. 25 user-definable fields.
11. Job assignment tracking.

Transaction Screens of Job Cost

1. Expense Entry
2. Revenue Entry
3. Daily Job Scheduler
Maintenance Screen of Job Cost
1. Job & Project Setup
2. Job Type Setup
3. Job Status Setup
4. Transaction Type Setup
5. Employee Setup
PAS provide you with powerful and flexible Accounting Solutions that meet the demands of your ever growing business.
PineappleTech SMS
  PineappleTech SMS
A wireless/mobile application to automatically deliver information without human involvement...
PineappleTech Delivery System
  Delivery System
An Online/Web based Integrated Delivery System, with sms integration, fax integration...
PineappleTech Call Center
  Call Center
Automatic Call Distribution, Interactive Voice Response, Voice Logger, and more...
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