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Corporate Website
Corporate Website

Corporate Website

Many small and medium sized business, ask this question :
Why does the Company need  Website ?
Why should I pay for a website when I cannot see any tangible benefits ?


The answers to the first question, can be summed up with some of benefits :


Development and distribution costs are extremely low

. When you compare the cost of establishing a website to what it costs to promote your business in print or on the air, you'll see that website is the cheapest form of marketing ever created.
2. A website is the world's most effective use of money to purchase media in order to market to the masses.
A Website allows for constant advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no labor costs and has the most inexpensive and widespread marketing capabilities.
4. A Website works and advertises for you while you do other constructive things for your business.
A website is globally accessible ( Offers your services to the world ); that means your website can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, as long as they have Internet access. There are no physical limitations to broadcast areas, as in radio nor circulation region restrictions, as in newspapers or magazines.
A Website is a live brochure that is available for anyone to see from anywhere, no matter if they are 5 miles away or 5000 miles away. A Website allow you to create and show much more of your information than a print ad or brochure.
You can save money on tech support and answering questions. If your employees spend a lot of time answering the same questions and sending out the same material, you can reduce that labor cost significantly by providing the information on the website.
8. A website allows the customers to contact you and you contact them at each others convenience.
The answer of the second : Why should I pay for a website when I cannot see any tangible benefits ?

Improved Corporate Image

To a small company ‘Corporate Image’ can be seen as something for the big boys who have money and time to spend on developing and refining a corporate image. However, no matter what the size of your Company a professionally designed website can both bolster and in many cases help define or improve a Company’s corporate

Improved Customer Confidence

By combining both traditional communication ( newspaper, adverts, yellow pages, telephone, etc ) and newer methods, your Company can exploit these tendencies, and given a well designed website, provide the prospective customer with the right signals to turn them into a paying customer, and with the right website into a regular customer of your Company.

It is our aim to design and develop websites that are as individual as your Company, which will provide for your Company, this improved level of Customer Confidence and Loyalty.

Increased Sales

As a direct result of the above two points, your Company will be able to increase the conversion ratio, of prospective customers, into paying and repeat customers. A well designed website, is not only a pretty face for your Company, it is an essential part of the success and future of your Company in the 21st Century.

Key Features of the MLM Corporate Website

  1. Profile
  2. Product
  3. Compensation Plan
  4. Service Center/Stockiest
  5. Testimonial
  6. Promotion
  7. News
  8. Contact Us
Key Features of the MLM Corporate Website
  1. Company’s reputation, portfolio, experience and background were the key factor of distributor’s / customer’s decision making background successful.
  2. We believe that the "word-of-mouth" is still the best way to market products, thus a very good customer testimony and comments will strongly beneficial to persuade other prospective customers to buy our products.
  3. A complete explanation about Marketing Plan, tools for distributor to achieve goals
  4. Globally accessible for company’s information.
  5. Live Brochure and Advertising with lower cost.
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