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Product Overview

- PineappleTech MLM 2014
- PineappleTech Accounting System 2010
- PineappleTech SMS
- PineappleTech Delivery System
- PineappleTech Call Center
- PineappleTech Training
MLM 2014 - The Latest Version Industrial Leading MLM Software PAS 2010 - PineappleTech Accounting System Integrated Accounting and Financial System

MLM Software for Company

PineappleTech MLM Software
Corporate Website
Web Content Management
Strategic management Report
Accounting & Finencial System (PAS)

MLM Software for Member

Internet Online Monitoring
SMS Network Monitoring, Fax server & CRM
SMS Online Order

MLM Software for Stockiest

Online Stockist Application System
Offline Stockist Application System
Internet Stockist monitoring System
SMS Online Order for Stockist
Corporate Website
Strategy PineappleTech in developing Company’s Website

Our strategy in developing company's website is “Designing an Attractive Web site” – designing a site that is attractive on first viewing and interesting enough to encourage repeat visits.


Our strategy also comes with the Effective Web sites feature seven design elements (7Cs):

1. Context : Layouts and design
2. Content: Text, pictures, sound and video the sites contains
3. Community: How the site enables user-to-user communication.
4. Customization : Site’s ability to tailor itself to different users or to allow users to personalize the site
5. Communication: How the site enables site-to-user, user-to-site, or two-way communication.
6. Connection: Degree that the site is linked to other sites.
7. Commerce: Site’s capabilities to enable commercial transactions.
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The benefit of using our service as follows

The benefit of  using our service as follows

PineappleTech is a creative and professional Web Design Company that offers Professional custom web design, Graphic Design, User Interface design, Flash Animation, Banner ad Design, Integration of multimedia technology including video and audio file, in addition to our custom web application programming.
Our professionals staff’s skill has years of experience when it comes to Web design. We design Web site based upon the specifications given to us. The Website you seek, no matter how simple or complex it may be, is something that we can create just for you
Our talented professional graphic designers can create anything from custom logos to graphics that will greatly enhance the aesthetic allure of your Web site. Our graphic designers are artists, waiting to create a masterpiece based upon your input.
No matter what you may be seeking, whether it be a small personal site or a monolithic e-Commerce site, we have the talent, experience, and technology to meet your specific needs
5. More than 10 years experience in MULTI LEVEL MARKETING ( MLM ). Communication with us is hassle free because we understand your needs.
Our “MLM Application System” already used widely by MLM company in Indonesia and overseas that include USA, Canada, Australia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan.
7. Our engineer has been certified by the world more successful open source company in the world now, Sun ™ Microsystem
Total solution that we deliver, whether  intranet application or  internet application, hardware, networking, including internet infrastructure  given us the only company in the country that provide this kind of service.
9. The quality of the delivered solution is assured by our management.

Voucher Hemat

Micro Payment Gateway for online multi product such as online voucher phone, PLN Prabayar, online voucher game, etc.

Mall MLM

Online shopping mall for all MLM Member and Non Member, the first online shopping mall for MLM products and services.

Media MLM

Online MLM Media provide trustable and credible information about MLM
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