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Product Overview

- PineappleTech MLM 2014
- PineappleTech Accounting System 2010
- PineappleTech SMS
- PineappleTech Delivery System
- PineappleTech Call Center
- PineappleTech Training
MLM 2014 - The Latest Version Industrial Leading MLM Software PAS 2010 - PineappleTech Accounting System Integrated Accounting and Financial System

MLM Software for Company

PineappleTech MLM Software
Corporate Website
Web Content Management
Strategic management Report
Accounting & Finencial System (PAS)
  MLM Software for Member
Internet Online Monitoring
SMS Network Monitoring, Fax server & CRM
SMS Online Order

MLM Software for Stockiest

Online Stockist Application System
Offline Stockist Application System
Internet Stockist monitoring System
SMS Online Order for Stockist
PineappleTech Value Propositions
“Today we have to run faster to stay in the same place” - Philip Kotler
PineappleTech Value Propositions
“Starts from our customer needs…”
We have served more than 50 companies successfully since our establishment in 2001.
Most of our customers were very satisfied since our solution approach always based on their business needs. We start providing our IT solution by thinking what should be done for our client for winning the competition in their industry. We believe that to cope with the rapid changing of business environment, a company should be more concentrate on their BUSINESS STRATEGY. And the IT solution should be aligned to the strategy and then must support the business strategy.

Our Value Propositions

to benefit our customers as follows :

a. Focus on Creating Business Values for Our Client
We strongly believe that IT should be used strongly to create a sustainable, competitive advantage that could be used to win the competition by our clients.
Thus a good IT solution should create a ‘chemistry’ between the business strategy and the IT solutions itself.

We start our solution by aligning the IT solution to the business strategy and digging more opportunities by creating innovative solutions

» No hassle in communicating with us since we really understand your needs.

Successful and Proven Track Record

» We are known as the best software developer company for the Multi Level Marketing in Indonesia and worldwide.

» More than 15 years experience in developing web-based MULTI LEVEL MARKETING ( MLM ) application systems.

» Our “MLM Application System” already used by more than 50 MLM companies in Indonesia and overseas that include USA, Canada, Australia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Experienced World-Class Professionals

» Our Engineer / Programmer has been certified by the world’s most successful Open Source company in the world, SUN Microsystem, SUN Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform.
» Our Network engineer has been certified by the biggest market share of Router company (Cisco)

Our database administrator has been certified by
the most famous RDBMS Company: Oracle Database Administrator 8.0, Oracle Database Administrator 8i

» Total solution that we deliver, whether intranet application or internet application, hardware, networking, including internet infrastructure given us the only company in the country that provide this kind of service.
» The quality of the delivered solution is assured by our management.

Voucher Hemat

Micro Payment Gateway for online multi product such as online voucher phone, PLN Prabayar, online voucher game, etc.

Mall MLM

Online shopping mall for all MLM Member and Non Member, the first online shopping mall for MLM products and services.

Media MLM

Online MLM Media provide trustable and credible information about MLM
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