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MLM 2014 - The Latest Version Industrial Leading MLM Software PAS 2010 - PineappleTech Accounting System Integrated Accounting and Financial System

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Strategic management Report
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Strategic Management Report
Strategic Management Report

Strategic Management Report

This module is used by top management level for decision making. Strategic Management Report used by top management to determine the strategic direction.

The information in this report is used to know the internal strategic issue, potential strategic issue, so the decision maker can analysis the critical problem of the compensation plan, sales, distributor growth, etc E.g. Analyst commission calculation ratio, Distributor Activeness Analysis, Product Mix Analysis. So Management can take fast action plan to cover the weakness, to launch new plan to strengthen the business plan and minimize the negative impact that might be caused.

Feature of Strategic Management Report

1. Commission Calculation Ratio Analysis
2. Distributor Commission Analysis
3. Distributor Activeness Analysis
4. Downline Sales Organization Analysis ( Weak Legs or Strong Legs )
5. Product Mix Analysis
6. Marketing Mix Analysis
7. Region Sales Analysis
8. Distributor top sales

What’s the business value from this module


“The Internal strategic issue and potential strategic issued in Multi Level Marketing Company usually comes from compensation plan, distributor and its product.

This report will help top management to know that issue, to analysis the critical issued, so they can take strategic decision to manage the company well.”

What's the business  value from this module

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