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Product Overview

- PineappleTech MLM 2014
- PineappleTech Accounting System 2010
- PineappleTech SMS
- PineappleTech Delivery System
- PineappleTech Call Center
- PineappleTech Training
MLM 2014 - The Latest Version Industrial Leading MLM Software PAS 2010 - PineappleTech Accounting System Integrated Accounting and Financial System

+ PineappleTech Home

PineappleTech Specialize in : MLM Software Development, Mobile Application, and eCommerce. (others: Web design, Accounting software, Hardware & Networking).

+ About PineappleTech

Dynamic information technology company providing one stop solution, Vision and Mission

+ PineappleTech Products

PineappleTech SMS, PineappleTech Delivery System, PineappleTech Call Center, PineappleTech e-Commerce/e-Wallet, Strategic Management Report and PineappleTech Training.

+ PineappleTech Services

Management Reporting, Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive Information Reporting (EIS), Point-of-Sale Systems (TPS), SCM & ERP, Knowledge Management & E-Learning Systems and Multimedia Application and Production.

+ PineappleTech Contact

Information about location, phone number and email

+ PineappleTech web Development

eCommerce /eBusiness , Multimedia / Website Design, development and Implementation , On-line products and services delivery system, Daily Transaction Software, Mobile Application (using PDA, Celluler phonces, etc), Management Information System,Executive Information System, Help Desk Information System, Decision Support System, Intranet / Extranet system and Data Warehousing.

+ PineappleTech MLM Software

Online System, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week non stop transaction, Easy communication because we know well your business, Proven technologies and Low cost.

+ PineappleTech Training

Java Programming, e-Commerce, Web Design, Web Development and Linux System Administrator.

+ PineappleTech Delivery System (PDS)

Manage delivery order, Manage advance order, Customer order preference, Estimate Time Arrival, Search the shortest time to customer location, Order Monitoring, Menu capacity monitoring, Menu status management (Capacity, out of order,etc.), Menu Condiment, Store Cpacity management (status, out of service, etc), Time to location setup, etc....

+ PineappleTech e-Wallet System

Cash-In transaction, Cash-Out transaction, E-Wallet Balance Statement, E-Wallet user management and Double security for financial transaction.

+ PineappleTech Strategic Management Report

Commission Calculation Ratio Analysis, Distributor Commission Analysis, Distributor Activeness Analysis, Downline Sales Organization Analysis ( Weak Legs or Strong Legs ), Product Mix Analysis, Marketing Mix Analysis, Region Sales Analysis and Distributor top sales.

+ PineappleTech MLM Software

Distributor Management, Sales Management, Stockiest Management, Commission Calculation, Inventory Control, Promotion Management, Strategic Management Report, Commission Payment Integration, Easy monitoring of commission payment, Flexible product setup (including commissionable values, tax and shipping cost.), Multiple pricing, Multi warehouse, etc...

+ PineappleTech Web Content Management

a complete system that allows authors and content contributors to easily create / update publish web-based content. Enable end user to easily customize the website to suit their very specific requirements such as promotion news, company information, testimonial, product etc.

+ PineappleTech MLM e-Commerce/e-Business

Online Sponsoring / Enrollment, Distributor Management, Sales Management, Product Management, Service Center Management, Back Office / Admin Management, Inventory Control, Commission Calculation, Commission Payment Integration, Online commission statements, Real time access 24x7x365, Real time invoicing, Real time genealogy, etc...

+ PineappleTech Offline Stockist Application System

Easy to use navigation bar and menu, allow you to get to exactly where you need to be fast, Easy to setup stockiest information and preference, Automatically copy from the Purchase Order to the Voucher, Automatically copy from the Voucher to the Received Merchandise, Allow received merchandise directly from Voucher or after Voucher entry, and enable received merchandise more than one times, etc...

+ PineappleTech Value Propositions

Focus on Creating Business Values for Our Client, Successful and Proven Track Record and Experienced World-Class Professionals.

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS )

Sales Order (SO), Account Receivable (AR), Purchase Order (PO), Account Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL), Inventory & Wirehouse (IV), Job Cost (JC) and Bank Reconciliation (BR).

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ) + Sales Order (SO)

Automatically copy from the Original Quote over to the Formal Quote, Setup 3 types of commission for your sales force (flat, percentage of sales, and percentage of profit.), Different Entry and Apply Dates allow more flexible and accurate accounting records, Operate in Real time Mode so item quantities are updated immediately, etc...

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ) + Account Receivable (AR)

Recurring Invoices save you time by not having to reenter data over each time a transaction occurs, Save time not entering duplicate information by Auto-Copying from your sales orders, PAS allows you to set up separate tax for each item in your inventory, Af ter-The-Fact Invoices allow you to enter data into the computer even after a sale is made, etc...

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ) + Purchase Order (PO)

Automatically copy from an Original Purchase Order to the Formal Purchase Order, Automatically copy from the Purchase Order to the Voucher, Different Entry and Apply Dates allow more flexible and accurate accounting records, Operate in Real time Mode so item quantities are updated immediately, Label transactions to open, hold, void, or invoiced to accurately reflect the order status of each, etc....

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ) + Account Payable (AP)

Recurring Vouchers save you time by not having to reenter data over each time a transaction occurs, PAS allows you to set up a separate tax for each item for those instances when that is necessary, Tax and/or Freight can be included in the price to allow easier calculations, PAS allows A/P Write-offs for cases where that is necessary, etc...

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ) + General Ledger (GL)

Choose to have PAS automatically make the journal entry whenever a transaction occurs, Save time by posting to several companies separate databases with a Multi-Company Journal Entry, Recurring Journals save time by not having to reenter data all over each time a transaction occurs, Eliminate the Reversing Journal headache by having PAS do it automatically, etc...

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ) + Inventory & Wirehouse (IV)

PAS offers a complete system for physical inventory management, Full range of Warehouse Transactions (including sales, purchases, transfers, and adjustments.), Summary Items let you compare sales and purchases according to criteria you specify, etc...

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ) + Job Cost (JC)

Unlimited project/job management, Unlimited user-definable project/job types, Unlimited user-definable project/job statuses, Complete transaction tracking, Profit/Loss tracking and reports, Profitability reports, Progress reports, Project/Job hierarchy management, Estimated vs. Contracted, 25 user-definable fields and Job assignment tracking.

+ PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ) + Bank Reconciliation (BR)

Easily balance bank statements and accounting books using the Reconciliation function, Set up unlimited accounts to reconcile, Easily move cash between bank accounts using the Transfer option, Set up limitless currency types and exchange rates, Create and Print deposit slips to use in banking transactions, Create a full range of user-definable transaction types, etc...


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Micro Payment Gateway for online multi product such as online voucher phone, PLN Prabayar, online voucher game, etc.

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Online shopping mall for all MLM Member and Non Member, the first online shopping mall for MLM products and services.

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