PineappleTech e-Wallet

Use of PineappleTech MLM e-Commerce, enable your company to enter and penetrate the market faster and effectively.

E-Wallet System is used to manage all cash-in and cash-out member account. Cash-in transactions which come from:

commission from compensation plan calculation, deposit (transfer from bank), transfer from another e-Wallet account, bonus adjustment, etc

Cash-out transactions which come from: pay new membership fee from online registration, withdrawal, and transfer to another E-Wallet account, bonus adjustment, etc

Key Features

1. Cash-Intransaction :

  • Commission from Compensation Plan Calculation
  • Deposit ( Transfer from Bank )
  • Transfer from other E-Wallet Account
  • Bonus Adjustment, etc

2. Cash-Outtransaction :

  • Pay for new membership registration
  • Withdrawal
  • Transfer to other E-Wallet Account
  • Bonus Adjustment, etc

3. E-Wallet Balance Statement

4. E-Wallet user management

5. Double security for financial transaction

Business Value creates from E-Wallet is Effectiveness and cost reducing for online membership payment.

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